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Employment and other Income Document

  • Form W-2/ W-2G

  • Unemployment compensation and state tax refunds

    • Form 1099-G

  • Miscellaneous income, including rent and royalties

    • Form 1099- MISC

  • Partnership, S Corporation and trust income

    • Schedule K-1

  • Pensions, Annuities, IRAS and Qualified Plans

    • Form1099-R

  • Social Security or railroad Benefits

    • Form SSA-1099 or RRB- 1099

  • Rental Property Income

    • Include income, expenses, cost, and date placed in service for depreciation calculation

Homeowner/ Renter Data

  • Mortgage Interest

    • Form 1098

  • Sale of your home or other real estate

    • Form 1099- S

    • Form HUD-1

  • Real Estate Tax Receipts

Financial Assets

  • Forms may include

    • 1099-B

    • 1099- DIV

    • 1099- INT

    • 1099- OID

    • 1099-MISC

    • 1099- R

  • Brokerage Statement (if you receive a 1099-B ‘Proceeds from Broker and Barter Exchange Transactions, then you may need to file form 1040, Schedule D; and form 8949- even if the realized gain or loss is zero)

  • Roth conversation reporting: Form 1099-R

  • Same forms for any children or dependents under age 24 with income (earned or unearned)

Expenses and Deductions

  • Gifts to Charity (include dates, amounts, and receipt information)

    • Cash or Non-Cash

  • Health Insurance Premiums

  • Marketplace Insurance (affordable Care Act)

    • Form 1095-A

  • Childcare expenses (include amount and provider EIN)

  • Personal Property Tax Receipts (i.e. Vehicle Tax, registration, etc)

  • HSA Distributions or expenses

  • HSA Contributions

  • Traditional IRA Contributions

  • Higher Education fees

    • Form 1098-T

  • Investment expense

  • Medical and Dental Expenses

Personal Tax Checklist: Projects
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